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Best Wax Chart Ever!

Well, at least it was the "best ever" about 30 years ago but still works today. This will definately help you zero-in on the wax of the day.

Couple of waxing tips to remember:

First consider the type of snow

  • New - fresh and no warm days to melt the snow. These snow crystals are still fine and require a harder wax.
  • Transition - had a few minor melt cycles to the snow. The snow crystals are still present but slightly rounded. Hard waxes are still in the game but slightly softer to grip onto the snow crystals
  • Melted/Corn Snow/Slush - Definate melt cycle with warm days. Might be able to sneak in a hard wax on freshly groomed trails but the melting makes the snow hard and abrasive. Time to embrase and love klister.

xc wax chart
pdf version


CLASSIC TECHNIQUE: Diagonal Stride; Adjusting Pole Straps; Arm Swing; Double Pole; Kick-Double Pole. CLASSIC UPHILL TECHNIQUE: Classic Uphill Diagonal; Edging; Side Step; Herringbone. DOWNHILLS AND TURNING: Getting up from a fall; Kick Turn; Track Snowplow; Five Tips for the Diagonal Stride; Kick Double Pole. SKATE SKIING: Ten Tips for the V-1; V-2 skate technique; Marathon Skate. ALL AROUND: Stationary Turns; Step Turns. RESOURCES: Nordic Glossary; 20 Q and A; History of Cross Country Skiing

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