cross country ski tips

The Beginners Survival Guide to Cross Country Skiing

  1. Introduction & Equipment Sizing
  2. Boot/Binding Combinations

Part 1
Skills For Flat Terrain

  1. Basic Diagonal Stride
  2. Adjusting Pole Straps
  3. Arm Movement in the Diagonal Stride
  4. The Double Pole
  5. Kick Double Pole

Part 2
Skills For Uphill Terrain

  1. Uphill Diagonal Stride
  2. Edging your skis for control
  3. Side Step
  4. Herringbone

Part 3
Downhills & Turning

  1. Getting Up From a Fall
  2. Kick Turn
  3. Track Snowplow


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Cross Country Boot/Binding Combinations

Make sure your boot and binding combinations are compatible. While this is not a comprehensive list it will help you become aware of some of the new and old (archaic) combinations out there. If you happen to see your boot in one the photos, but it doesn't match the binding, then it's best to stay home. In other words, do not pass GO and collect your $200.

Did you know? The new Salomon Pilot boots have a double bar system on the boot sole. The new boots are cross-compatible with the old bindings but the old boots (Profil) are not compatible with the new bindings.
Instructions: point your mouse over the small image to see the large version. Click on the small photo for cryptic messages.


salomon pilot
Salomon Pilot (newest)

salomon profil
Salomon Profil
profil backcountry
Salomon Profil Backcountry
salomon sns
Salomon SNS
75mm nordic binding
75mm Bindings
trak sds
Track SDS



CLASSIC TECHNIQUE: Diagonal Stride; Adjusting Pole Straps; Arm Swing; Double Pole; Kick-Double Pole. CLASSIC UPHILL TECHNIQUE: Classic Uphill Diagonal; Edging; Side Step; Herringbone. DOWNHILLS AND TURNING: Getting up from a fall; Kick Turn; Track Snowplow; Five Tips for the Diagonal Stride; Kick Double Pole. SKATE SKIING: Ten Tips for the V-1; V-2 skate technique; Marathon Skate. ALL AROUND: Stationary Turns; Step Turns. RESOURCES: Nordic Glossary; 20 Q and A; History of Cross Country Skiing

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