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Look what I found today. A pair of yellow and purple cross-country ski gloves!
These deserve a little story.
First of all, we all appreciate a good pair of gloves. We respect gloves that keep our hands warm and not so bulky that it prevents us from having a comfortable and tight grip on the pole. Good XC gloves are specific and have extra material to help from wearing down too quickly between the finger and thumb from the pole handle. Then comes the color statement, which these gloves have, but not necessarily in a good way.

Check out the worn gloves on the left. Holes in the thumbs and material starting to unravel from the seams. Air conditioned and now suitable only for very warm spring days. They date from the late 80’s to early 90’s and color coordinated the the “Easter Egg” Salomon ski boots of the time.
Now check out my new $10 gloves found at a used sport shop a few hours ago. 20 years old and just like new and the same size as the old ones that are now relegated to the trash bin.
Rather then just throw them away maybe I should do something special, like a burning ceremony. i could say a few words in remembrance… No, it would probably stink like the dickens then there would be all the burnt trash to clean up. I’ll just wear the new one. I’ll be reminded of my old ones every time I put them on. Others will remind me with cruel remarks on the easter egg color, while those in-the-know old-timers will feel compelled to reminisce of the past.
All that will have to wait for a warm spring day and definitely not in public.

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