IMG_4098I’ve been remiss. The Birke is a little over a month away and haven’t posted anything since last fall. Here we go:

We had a decent summer of exercise. I broke out my roller skis after a 8+ year hiatus. My V2 classic roller skis were never quite the same after backing my car up over one, but they worked well enough for a (semi) weekly ski up the Maroon Bells road. The wife (known as “She” from here on) accompanied me on roller blades.

My starting goal was to ski one hour up the road at a low intensity. The first ski had my heart rate hovering around 150 with each consecutive time lowering by about 5 beats, and after a month, being able to keep it in the mid 130s. It was fun marking our progress and seeing the increased distance within that hour time. After a few months, She decided we needed to make it all the way to the end of the 6 mile road and by the end of August we made the final climb in about 1:20 hours.

maroon bells, roller skiing
The fall is especially busy with tourists. Today there is a long line for the bus back down to town.

The Bells road is pretty special in the summer because it’s closed to traffic with a bus service is in place to transport the sightseeers up and down the road. It’s also special because it would be near suicidal to attempt a ski or rollerblade down the steep and narrow road.

My mantra during the summer was slow and easy and just being happy with getting any exercise time in. We evened it out with some long hikes, weekly short vertical hike to Mushroom Rock on the Red Butte trail, flat rollerblades with poles on the Rio Grande bike path, and my bike excursions.

Now comes the big question: was it enough of a base to move us toward our Birke exercise/training?

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