Race Strategy: Start Slow then Taper

I’ve been trying to keep the exercise hours frequent but low intensity. The intensity thing is hard to master though, expecially for a 63 year old. And it’s hard, often times, because it’s just too much fun.

I must admit that I’m a little paranoid about getting too excited and high intensity for my own good. I want to go interval ballistic but that 30 year old attitude whipped my butt last year just before the 42K Alley Loop in Crested Butte. I felt low energy and drained the week before the event and just didn’t feel a whole lot of pizzaz the day of.

My mantra at the beginning of this season was to just stand on skis: a lot of distance skiing going as slow as possible with good gliding technique. I was being passed left and right but took comfort in thinking that my technique was better and those speedsters would probably poop themselves out after 30 minutes.

So, I’ve been trying to reign it in this season. It’s a little disappointing to having to stop on steep uphills because my heart rate gets above 145, when my goal is to maintain a 135 or below average. I stop, wait for my rate to lower and go again, slowly. I don’t want to get run down or sick and it seems to be working. So, what should I do now? Race to Train!

4 weeks left to Birke. Time to have a little fun:

  • Next Saturday Alley Loop 22K Skate.
  • Week later, Owl Creek 21K. A really hilly course. Will start in the back of the pack with the tour group. Don’t want to go too hard because the next Saturday is the Birkenbeiner!!!

Side Note: Last years Alley Loop 42K classic torture did have one major high point – it got me in the 3rd Wave for the this years birke. Major cool!

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