Alley Loop … done

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Colorado’s largest costume XC Race

According to The Weather Channel App, the weather prediction for this year’s Alley Loop in Crested Butte, Colorado was for low 30’s and a possibility of snow flurries. The prediction was pretty close.

I found some old Toko red premix fluoro in my wax box that was probably 15 years old. It seemed to fit the bill with a temperature range of 28-18°F. That was finally ironed on over Swix LF Violet. I felt pretty safe until I saw Boulder Nordic’s Friday wax suggestion of a much colder wax. Oh well. I put in a few drops of Swix LF blue and called it quits. Turns out my wax was great and only a tad bit slower on the second lap.

I was very happy with the race and felt the training over the last few months has been right on mark. My training/exercise hasn’t been high intensity, but focus on mileage and technique. I admit that I don’t have much control of my pulse on steep hills but do have the mindset to stop and let my pulse come back down – or try to ski slower. Let’s just say that I’ve had lots of practice and ski time with the Diagonal V Skate.

The Diagonal V Skate (DVS) does have a wimpy connotation to it though. I mean, you’d never see a elite skier use it in a race, right? So, when I’m using the DVS I often question myself whether I would even be able to V-1  up an entire hill? I mean, I’m stopping so much, and then reverting to the DVS to keep my pulse down. Anyhow, that has been one of  my self-doubts leading up to the Alley Loop.

No need to worry! On the steepest of hills, the DVS wasn’t much slower then V-1 skiers, while many of the less experienced skiers were revertiong to the herringbone and no glide at all. I was happy just to keep momentum on the uphills.

I’ve been worried about the high pulse rate during training. My pulse was pretty high at the Alley Loop and stayed pretty consistent between 150 and 160 bpm and hovering on the high side for 1 hour and 37 minutes. The high pulse thing kind of surprised me but most probably because I’ve lost touch with this racing thing. But I survived! Had Fun! And, drove Her crazy with my post event blabbering.

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