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Embarrassing moments in time. Telemark, Wisconsin in the late 70's. Telemark lodge was home to the American Birkebeiner and the forefront of Nordic fashion. Woody, Eileen and I made the journey to Telemark in Northern Wisconsin to cause havoc in the Nordic Ski School. The owner, Tony Wise, had big plans - but not for us. He wanted Aretha Franklin to record her hit song "Respect" and replace the words with t-e-l-e-m-a-r-k. He got Billy Carter instead... Photos by Bob Woodward.

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  • Tmark1
    On our third travel day we stopped in Bozeman to visit our old Berkeley Ski Coach named "Coach" (or Charlie, I don't remember). He was excited about a great new restaurant - the Sizzler Steak House. We were just happy to be out of the prototype Gortex tent that we had tested the previous night in West Yellowstone. It rained inside the tent. We didn't realize it yet but the tent was getting us ready for the sauna's of Wisconsin.
  • Tmark10
    With Norwegian ski star Auden Endestad and soon-to-be U.S. Ski Team publicist Tom Kelly.
  • Tmark11
    Woodward loved watching me in this class - one of the first of the season.
  • Tmark12
    My big moment at the first hometown race as the National Nastar Pacesetter. I went home with my tail between my legs.
  • Tmark2
    We finally hit the Wisconsin border and discovered flavored potato chips. Dutch Potato Chips would be our staple for the next 4 months.
  • Tmark3
    We were one of the first in the United Stated to test the new Salomon bindings. It took us a while to figure them out.
  • Tmark4
    Bob and Eileen Woodward. Little did this sweet little couple know matrimony would soon knock at their door.
  • Tmark5
    The lewis and Clark of Telemark, went for a little hike. They combed the mountain from earth to shore, until finding something they liked. It was a spindly man, 'bout six foot two, he could barely stand upright. Then he took off his mask and sneered at the two, poor boys, they peed their pants in fright.
  • Tmark6
    Mark Pearson, John Glidden, Bob Woodward, Auden Endestad.
  • Tmark7
    Snow Sculpture at the Telemark Lodge during the Birkebeiner 55 km marathon event.
  • Tmark8
    The Ski School Boys of Mt. Telemark.
  • Tmark9
    At Copper Mountain during the Nastar timesetter event. Second from right is Peter Graves who went on to be the Voice for Nordic Skiing announcing at many Olympic events. Sam Simikas is far right.





CLASSIC TECHNIQUE: Diagonal Stride; Adjusting Pole Straps; Arm Swing; Double Pole; Kick-Double Pole. CLASSIC UPHILL TECHNIQUE: Classic Uphill Diagonal; Edging; Side Step; Herringbone. DOWNHILLS AND TURNING: Getting up from a fall; Kick Turn; Track Snowplow; Five Tips for the Diagonal Stride; Kick Double Pole. SKATE SKIING: Ten Tips for the V-1; V-2 skate technique; Marathon Skate. ALL AROUND: Stationary Turns; Step Turns. RESOURCES: Nordic Glossary; 20 Q and A; History of Cross Country Skiing

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